Design Tips

Use Visual Tricks to Raise The Ceiling

"A room with low ceilings may give you the impression of living in a small bird cage."


If your ceilings are on the lower side, include lighter paint colours and light trough designs to reduce the impression of being in a cramped space.


In addition, choosing lower profile furniture for places with lower ceilings helps increase the space between the ceiling and the floor, creating an impression of having a spacious house.

How to make the space look bigger. 

While darker colors are definitely design-friendly, light would be absorbed instead of being reflected, which gives an impression of having a smaller house.


To solve this, opt for lighter colours such as a light oak colour for the walls and flooring to improve the overall impression of the space in the room.


Other solutions include having mirrors, which are the quickest way to make a room appear larger, as mirrors reflect light as well as color which makes the place appear larger.

Keeping the bathroom dry and clean

Adding suction products (such as dehumidifiers) to the bathroom can reduce the impact of water and wet weather on the toilet. Such dehumidifiers help keep the bathroom dry, and reduces moisture which prevents microorganisms such as mold and bacteria from breeding.