Design Process

Phase 1

Preliminary Consultation :

Preliminary consultation and site visits to understand the customer’s flat measurements, lifestyle and design requirements.

Project Quotation :

Arranged meeting to provide project quotation and the proposed idea and plan.

Design Contract Signing :

Once proposed idea and plan is approved, a contract is signed by both parties to affirm the project.

Onsite Measuring :

Arrangement of onsite unit measurements, customers’ needs analysis and recommendations.

Phase 2

Graphic Preparation :

Variate design contents are prepared beforehand, using 3D design drawings to showcase a simulation of the flat’s layout and its design elements.

Comprehensive drawing :

Construction drawings are shown to showcase the construction outcome, intended results as well as a review of the details.

Material Arrangement :

Designer consultation would be arranged to assist the customer with selecting materials suited for the flat and its conditions.

Phase 3

Construction Contract Signing & Preparation work :

Filling of application forms for renovations, insurance and other related documents.


Construction Process :

Construction process begins, which includes but is not limited to: Replacement, Installation, Painting & Supervision.​

Regular Supervision :

Project Consultant to follow up with consultations as well as record and supervise the site situation and work progress.

Delivery arrangement :

Upon completion, cleaning is arranged before the project is subjected to customer approval.

Structure Warranty :

Half a year structural warranty for free